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How insurance agents can best use social media

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Social media has become an important tool for most businesses today. Customers and businesses meet on the various platforms and actively engage and exchange information. For insurance agents and brokers, such as those at Ian Hewitt & Associates, a successful social media platform can assist in maintaining loyalty and growing your clientele list. However, you need to know the best way to use it. If you are in the insurance sector whether as a company or agent, then here are some exclusive tips to help you realise the full potential of social media.

Listen… listen… listen

One amazing gift social media platforms have brought on the earth is that they allow your people to express themselves. What are your customers expecting from insurance companies and agents? What are your target customers talking about when they aren't talking about the company? Go to online discussions and find out what needs are present in the society. Such information can help you tailor your conversations and sales tactics better. Insurance companies can also refine their covers to try and capture the customers' needs.

The 80/20 rule works

For insurance companies, the focus shouldn't be solely on marketing your policies. That makes the customers think that you're just after their money. Losing clients will follow almost immediately. Use most of your time (about 80%) and resources providing important information to the clients. Unlike other businesses, insurance policies are in plenty, so you'll never lack content for your subscribers. Additionally, give any updates on news, tips and stories.

Only use around 20% of your time in selling and advertising your services. That keeps your followers growing and gives them the impression that you are an expert in your field.

Engage with your customers personally

Social media gives a personal touch when engaging with your clients. You can use the platforms to start and conduct healthy discussions, particularly around juicy insurance related topics such as family issues.

Additionally, an agent can communicate with the followers on matters of disaster preparedness and provide crucial advice on how to handle such situations. You can also provide a link to help customers involved in catastrophes such as tornadoes and fires.

Be specific in your audience

Information is only important if the customers can relate with it directly. When sending your info, try and be as specific as possible. Platforms such as Facebook have included features that help you specify the age and even locality of your target audience. Different pieces of information would obtain a unique reaction from each target group, so ensure you post information to the right audience if you intend to achieve the desired engagement level.